Frontgate's pre-holiday sale has deals on Christmas decor, more

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Don’t look now, but the holidays are nearly upon us. Black Dining Room Chairs


Yes, yes, we know: Halloween is still a week away. But just FYI, less than a month after that is Thanksgiving. And once we’re three weeks into November, we don’t need to tell you what you’ve got in store one cold, short month away (if you do need a refresher, it’s Christmas and Hanukkah).

But don’t fret. You aren’t late yet for the holiday decoration game. In fact, thanks to Frontgate, you’re right on time.

‘Tis the season! There is a lot more to Frontgate than furniture, bar stools, and pool floats. It’s also the first name for holiday decor.

This week, for a limited time only, the online decor go-to store offers hundreds of dollars off almost everything holiday: wreaths, garlands, and even Frontgate Christmas trees. Basically, everything you need to make your home feel like Christmas.

Below, we’ve compiled a short list of our favorite Frontgate holiday decor deals. If you’re looking for more options (red is our color, so we’ve opted for that color scheme over blue or gold — taste is subjective), check out the Frontgate site for more options on incredible deals. It’s like they say: Christmas came early!

We wanted to start our list with a true Christmas classic. This Yuletide Treasures wreath from Frontgate looks like it was plucked right off the house in “Home Alone,” and at just over $100 off, the price is unbeatable. That is unless you’re a Scrooge.

No mantle is complete around the holidays without a garland, and if we had to choose, we’d go with this Regal Radiance Garland from Frontgate, discounted by almost $100. Check out Frontgate’s site for different garland styles if you’d prefer a sparer spread. One common thread: they’re all great deals.

A Christmastime nightmare: your holiday party is coming up, and you don’t have a set of Yuletide Treasure Chairback Swags for your dining table. Pinch yourself, wake up! Frontgate has you covered. This set of two swags is the perfect compliment to your kitchen or dining room, and at over $30 off, it’s a Christmas miracle.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, your lights are brightly shining. O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, your prices are declining! Look no further than Frontgate for cute, classy trees to (literally) spruce up your front porch.

We know: not the flashiest entry on this list, but the humble hanger is an essential part of holiday home decorating, and at $5 off, we think it’s a deal worth hanging your hat (or wreath) on. Essentials matter, too.

Impress your guests with these customizable Frontgate towels, down over $10. Choose your monogram to match your last name, or maybe S for Santa, and select gold or silver lettering. They’re nice to the touch and, not coincidentally, a nice touch to any holiday party you’re throwing this season.

Don’t let your guests forget whose home they’re walking into. You already snagged a great deal on hand towels — continue your monogram streak with this customizable seasonal Frontgate doormat. Did we already pitch an S for Santa?

Last but not least, the big ticket item: the Frontgate Christmas tree. Whether you’d prefer a little tree or one that would make Santa blush, Frontgate has you covered. As the trees get bigger, so do the savings. We suggest going big this Christmas.


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